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I never really used to watch much tv, then I moved into a student house with freeview, followed by a year living in America…

This was the easiest so far to pick a favourite for. When I lived in Reno, we used to watch it every Tuesday night for 3 hours straight, then quickly turn it over before LOPEZ TONIIIIIIGHT started! When I first saw the trailer for this episode I was dead excited cause I thought the Jim/Dwight switch would last the whole thing. But even the few minutes it does last for is my favourite clip.

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica.


P.S click the actual drawings, they get bigger and more impressive. Sometimes. That’s what she said.


I could have drawn loads for this one! But Ariel popped into my head first.

The Little Mermaid was one of my favourites when I was wee, I loved the film and used to quote it to my mammy on a daily basis. “But im 16 years old, im not a child anymore!” said the 3 year old me. I asked for the doll one Christmas and they were sold out in Derry, so my then 13/14 year old brother got sent the whole way to Belfast on a bus to get it for me :) Thank you Sean!


Ariel was missing some waves…here she is new and improved

I don’t really have a favourite word, but this is a great one. It’s really some sort of Scandinavian buffet, but also means a varied collection. There was nothing in the list about favourite colours, and there should be! Mine is green, so I drew a smorgasbord of green things. (Also, see HERE for coincidence).

Thank you to my good friend and old flatmate @KieranMcConaghy for introducing me to this word! (as well as many other things that probably should never be mentioned again cough-twogirlsonecup-coughcough).

I knoooowwww it took me far too long to draw day 6! But here it is!

It took me ages to think of any of my favourite books that hadn’t been made into films. Harry Potter characters immediately came to mind, but they were ruled out! So instead I drew Paddington bear, a favourite from my childhood. I couldn’t quite get the hang of his name, so 4 year old me called him “Paddingkinton”. And I took marmalade sandwiches to school.

Are you jealous? You should be, they’re the best <3


I just figured out how linking works! So here they are, the lovely @TheBadActress and equally as lovely @singing_u_thru!

You can actually sit inside that tree and the branches come right to the ground and curl back up, like a wee hammock. I like reading in it <3

The tower is gone now but this is how I remember it.

Yes, biscuits are my favourite food and I am a disgrace. But look at that Custard Cream!

I duno why, but I LOVE moose. Mooses? Meese? Meeses?
Possibly the connection with Canada. But I duno why I love Canada either.
Anyway, look how silly he is… “How’s it goin there, eh?”

Day 1: Draw yourself.

It’s me! Curly hair, checked shirt (green of course) Pearl Jam t-shirt, jeans and converse (im keeping grunge alive, so what?)

Thinking of Aisling things like green stars, tea, chocolate and science. I used paint and it went all pixely. And im really bad at hands and faces.

I finished university and have no job! So now that I have nothing to do with my days except doodle on paint, read books and make tea for my Ma, i’ve decided to make a blog. Mostly I will be posting my silly doodles, starting with the 30 Day Drawing Challenge to get me going. So, off we go…